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January 2022         

January 29, 2022 - Amos Nadler, Chief Research Scientist, Poize Wealthtech, on the psychology and human behaviour of saving and investing.  Michael Graham, Managing Director, Senior Equity Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on technology and technology stocks.  

January 22, 2022 - Michael Hainsworth, Journalist, on the metaverse and emerging technologies.  John Johnston, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategist, Davis Rea, on interest rates, inflation and the market.  

January 15, 2022 - Scott Chan, Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on  Canadian banks and insurance companies as core, long term steady investments.  Jeff Blanco,  Managing Director, Head of Foreign Exchange and Treasury, Canaccord Genuity, on the  Canadian dollar and interest rates; banks hinge on housing and housing hinges on interest rates. 

January 8, 2022 - Kory Brewster, Director, Structure Solution Group, National Bank, on using structured products and protected linked notes to invest conservatively for those not comfortable with volatility in the market.   Tony Dwyer, Chief Market Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, with his report from Wall street on where he sees the market going in the next six months to a year.  

January 1, 2022 - Michael  Hainsworth, Journalist, former business media anchor, on new technology: the  metaverse, virtual reality and augmented reality.   Brad Lamb, President, Brad J. Lamb Realty Incorporated, on current state of the real estate market in Toronto.


October 2021

October 30, 2021 - Frank Leo, CEO, Frank Leo and Associates, Remax, on buying a house in a seller's market.  What to consider when buying a house, new or resale and buying for your children.  Tony Dwyer, Head of US Macro Group, Chief Market Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, with his update and views on the market from Wall Street in NYC.  

October 23, 2021 - Katie Lachapelle, Analyst, Equity Research - Metals and Mining, Canaccord Genuity, on uranium, lithium and the de-carbonization trend.  Amos Nadler, PhD, Chief Research Scientist at Poize Wealthtech on technology that monitors the biggest mistakes investors make with their money to alert them to poor decision patterns.

October 16, 2021 - Lara Borboudakis, Financial Planner, Wealth and Estate Planning Specialist, Canaccord Genuity on the importance of planning and saving.  When to start saving and how much to save is discussed along with collecting Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan, when to collect and how.  Aravinda Galappatthige, Managing Director, Research, Media and Telecom, Canaccord Genuity, on Yellow Pages, print media, Canadian telecom and movie production.   

October 9, 2021 - Mark Aston, Executive Director, Covenant House, on how his agency helps homeless youth and how the pandemic has made this worse for young people.  Wolfgang will sleep on the street for the third time on November 18, 2021 to raise funds for the charity and discusses the importance of giving and how to give to maximize tax credits.  Kevin Muir, the Macro Tourist, on the energy sector, namely fossil fuels, and demand and the current state of the market.

October 2, 2021 - Steve Doherty, Executive Director, Youth Without Shelter, on how the pandemic has affected homeless youth in Toronto.  How charity makes up a large part of their support and how you can give and get a tax break for it.  Javed Mirza, Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on the market and is volatility to be expected anytime soon?  

July 2021

July 31, 2021 - Niels Christensen, Managing Director/Broker, Christensen Real Estate Team, Toronto, on purchasing housing for your student and the housing market in Toronto.  Javed Mirza, Technical Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on where he sees the market going.  Lithium is discussed among other topics. 

July 24, 2021 - Jennifer Radman, CFA, Head of Investments & Senior Portfolio Manager at Caldwell Investment Management Ltd., on why you should hire a professional to manage your wealth and some of her favourite picks for investment right now.  Marc-André Gaudreau, Head of the Credit Team, Dynamic Funds, on corporate bonds, preferred shares, high yield bonds.

Ju;y 17, 2021 - Lara Bourboudakis, Wealth and Estate Planning Specialist, Canaccord Genuity on how to plan for the long term and how this changes in the case of divorce.  Jed Dorsheimer, Managing Director and Sustainability Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on technology trends.  

July 10, 2021 - Michael Hainsworth, journalist, former Business News Network anchor a host of "Where's my jet pack?" on real estate as an investment and future trends.  Amos Nadler, Chief Economist, Fabrik on how the pandemic has affected real estate, climate change and technology.  

July 3, 2021 - Ilan Kolet, Institutional Portfolio Manager, Global Asset Group, Fidelity Investments, on inflation, commodities and volatility and what kind of asset  allocation is desirable.  Find out why he would rather invest in emerging markets than in Canada. Scott Chan, Financial Services Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on Canadian banks.


June 2021

June 26, 2021 - Yuri, Lynk, Managing Director, Research - Captial Goods, Canaccord Genuity, on  infrastructure in North America, recyclinng and maintaining the electrical grid.  His top picks for investments discussed. Robert Young, Managing Director, Equity research - technology, Canaccord Genuity, on which industries are disrupted by technology.  E-commerce, e-learning, IT services, Master Class and semiconductors are discussed.  

June 19,  2021 - Mike Graham, Managing Director, Senior Equity Analyst and Maria Ripps, Director, Senior Research Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on Lyft, Uber, Google, Facebook and others as well as their picks for attractive stocks.  Ken  Herbert, Managing Director, Senior Aerospace and Defense Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on commercial space travel and the race to get there first.  Also discussed, Boeing. 

June 12, 2021 - Brad Lamb, real estate broker and condominium developer,  on the increasing cost of building in Toronto and why Toronto real estate is highly desired by international buyers.  Matt Bottomley, Analsyt, Canaccord Genuity on cannabis and psychedelics and his top picks for stocks in the sector. 

June 5, 2021 - Jeff Blanco, Managing Director,  Head of Foreign Exchange, Canaccord Genuity, on the Canadian dollar and why it is one of the strongest among the G10 nations this year and looking forward.  Interest rates are also discussed.  Sandy McIntyre, retired Strategist, on risk, crypto currency and meme investing. 

December 2020

December 23, 2020 - Christy Morrow, CFRE, Chief Development Officer, Scott Mission, Toronto, on giving to those less fortunate especially since the need is so much greater this year with the COVID 19 pandemic affecting many.  Wolfgang says money is the root of all good and giving helps those less fortunate and you get a receipt to offset taxes.  Don Vialoux, Chartered Market Technician with many decades in the investment business,  on the market during the US election cycle and his outlook on 2021.  

December 19, 2020- Michael Cochrane, Lawyer, partner at Brauti Thorning LLP, on how COVID is affecting families and leading to divorce and death; the importance of having a will.  Sandy McIntyre, retired market strategist and veteran of Bay Street, uses his long time experience and knowledge of the market and provides his take on the markets looking forward to 2021.  

December 12, 2020  - Patrick Ceresna, founder and chief derivative Market Strategist, Big PictureTrading Inc., and Javed Mirza, Technical Analyst, Canaccord Genuity both review the market for 2020 and look ahead to 2021 on potential risk, reward, opportunity and suprises.  Noah Solomon, Chief Investement Officer, Outcome, on risk management and how the wealthy manage their money and protect it. 

December 5, 2020 - Wolfgang interviews top market analysts for an excellent overview of what to expect in 2021.  Denise Chisholm, Sector Strategist, Equities, Fidelity Investments and Tony Dwyer, Canaccord Genuity's Head of the US Macro Group and Chief Market Strategist.  

November 2020

November 28 2020 - Ryan Wright, custom audio visual specialist, Bay Bloor Radio, on home connectivity during the pandemic when many are online working and attending school from home.  Eric Bushell, Certified Financial Analyst, Chief Investment Officer, CI Global Asset Management on where the market  and interest rates are headed. Also discussed, good places to make investments. 

November 21, 2020- Jason Mullins, CEO of goeasy Ltd. and Covenant House sleeper to raise money for and awareness of vulnerable youth on the street. Goeasy is an alternative lending platform which assists those turned away by traditional lenders. Cameron Fiske, Lawyer and partner, Milosevic Fiske LLP, who specializes in fraud cases. Fiske discusses how to protect yourself from fraudsters who prey on the lonely and isolated during the pandemic. 

November 14, 2020- Rafi Tahmazian, Portfolio Manager, Canoe, on the energy market including oil, natural gas, oil and alternative energy.  Jed Dorsheimer, Senior Equity Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on alternative energy and views on energy with an eye on the future. 

November 7, 2020 - Ron Meisels, President, Phases and Cycles Inc., on his belief the long-term bull market remains intact and in fact will go higher.  Brad Lamb, CEO of Brad J Lamb Realty Inc., and Toronto condominium developer and broker, on the excess supply of condos and dropping rents on them in downtown Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic. He believes this is short term in keeping with the pandemic. 

October 2020

October 31, 2020 - Adam Goldman, Founder and President,, on crypto currencies and the changing world of digital assets.  Don Vialoux of and, on the seasonality of the markets and the upcoming presidential election in the United States. 

October 24, 2020 - Marc Goldfried, Chief Investment Officer, Head of Fixed Income, Canoe Financial, on the importance of fixed income at Canoe Financial and in a balanced portfolio. Jeff Woods, radio personality and creator of The Legends of Classic Rock on his transition to Record & Rockstars podcast and how entertainment venues have adapted during the pandemic.

October 17, 2020 -Jaime Carrasco, Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager, Canaccord Genuity, on  in depth discussion on gold and crypto currency.  Max Masucci, Analyst, healthcare, diagnostics and tools, Canaccord Genuity, on COVID testing and his thoughts on how long the pandemic will take to run its course. 

October 10, 2020 - Martin Roberge, Managing Director and North American Strategist, Canaccord Genuity on the market activity surrounding the U.S. presidential election.  Expect some volatility but do not fear a Democrat win.  Amos Nadler, Chief Economist of The Bayesian Group, finance and behavioral economics researcher  on digital assets such as Bitcoin; also keeping emotions in check in regards to volatile markets.

October 3, 2020 - Irene Papaconstantinos, family lawyer and co-founder of on helping Ontario based couples who want an amicable divorce to do so and save money.  She is offering free divorces right now for people affected by the Covid -19 pandemic who are financially stretched.  Jeffery Skurka, owner of Classica Imports, Toronto, on selling fashion clothing during the pandemic; the business suit is out and casual clothing is in. 


September 2020

September 26, 2020 - Michael Bellamy, Wealth and Estate Planning Specialist, Canaccord Genuity and member of the Wolf on Bay Street team, on financial planning tips and strategies and how to maximize a dollar as well as financial checklist for 2021 and coping with the pandemic.  Tony Dwyer, Chief Market Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, Wall Street's finest market strategist, on stock valuation divergencies between growth and value and investing around and through a U.S election.  

September 19, 2020 - Javed Mirza, Technical Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on trends in the current market.  John Johnson, former Vice President and Chief Strategist at Davis Rea on market volatility and the upcoming elections in the United States.  

September 12, 2020 - Drew Donaldson, founder of Donaldson Capital, on the benefits of shopping around for a mortgage and ways to save money on a mortgage.  Live from Wall Street, Mike Graham, Managing Director and Senior Equity Analyst, on technology stocks; Draft Kings, Amazon, facebook and other tech stocks he feels look good.  Also discussed, working from home during the pandemic. 

September 5, 2020 - Joseph Vafi, Managing Director and analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on financial technology and digital payments and their increasing use since the pandemic began.  Mike Walkley, Managing director and analyst, Canaccord Genuity, specializing in internet and connective technologies, on Apple who has approximately one billion customers with an installed base of 1.4 billion units. 


August 2020

August 29, 2020 - Gord Stein, Author of the Cashflow Cookbook on 60 recipes that can save you up to 13 thousand dollars per month during the pandemic;  Niels Christensen, real estate agent with Harvey Kalles and the Christensen Real Estate Group on  selling and buying real estate during the pandemic and the importance of having a professional to help you through the process. 

August 22, 2020 - Michael Bellamy, Wealth and Estate Planning Specialist, Canaccord Genuity, on how COVID 19 pandemic has changed  how we earn, spend and save money and some best practices to get through this time. James Murphy, Executive Director of RTO12/Explorer's Edge, specializing in tourism in rural Ontario and how COVID 19 has affected tourism locally. 

August 15, 2020 - Brad Lamb, Condominium Developer and Realty Broker at Brad Lamb Realty Inc. on trends in the housing and condominium market and why it is important to work with professionals. Andy Collins, Chef and Manager at Dana Hospitality, on how the food and restaurant industry has been affected by COVID -19. 

August 8, 2020 - Martin Roberge, Director and North American Portfolio Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, shares his thoughts on the macro economy and currency opportunities in this low interest environment.   Jason Mortimer, owner of Mortimer's Point Marina and Cottage Country Builders,,  on luxury cottages and the boat market. 

August 1, 2020 - Don Vialoux, Retired market stratetgist and author of Tech Talk, discusses seasonal investing and investors should expect some normal market volatility over the coming two to three months.  Jaime Carrasco, Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager, Canaccord Genuity on gold hitting all time highs.  Jaime says you should hedge yourself. 


July 2020

July 25, 2020 - Aravinda Galappatthige, Managing Director and Media Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, gives his update on the media and telecom space as well as the ongoing developments between Cineplex and Cineworld. Tony Dwyer, Chief Market Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, on his macro perspective of the economy, how this era in tech differs from the 2000 Dot-Com Bubble and how economically sensitive cyclicals (i.e. banks & tanks) will perform as the economy starts to open up.

July 18, 2020 - Evan Kubes, President, Rumble Gaming, Co-founder at MKM Group Law and e-sports agent on the accelerated growth of e-sports as traditional sports have been shut down during the pandemic. Angie Reid and Richard Chevolleau on their documentary, The Sick in the Six, and their efforts on raising awareness of the homelessness crisis in Toronto. 

July 11, 2020 - Kirk Mason, partner at HMC Lawyers on how to protect yourself throughout a construction project.  Jason Child and Ian Hunt, CBRE Ltd. on the changing real estate landscape, highlighting how office space is expected to change when COVID 19 eases and how industrial REITs continue to have the secular tailwinds of e-commerce.  Wolfgang and Jack share some universal truths about creating long-term value that can be applied to all asset classes. 

July 4, 2020 - Sharaf Sultan, Principal at Sultan Lawyers, on COVID 19 and the changing employment landscape.  Keith Stata, Owner of Highland Cinema, Kinmount, Ontario, on the ongoing challenges faced by the traditional movie theatre industry. 


June 2020

June 27, 2020 - Rob Young, Technology Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on Shopify and global 5G technology opportunities.  Jim Broham, Director of Construction at Mezenga North on luxury properties and construction in prime cottage area in Muskoka, Ontario.

June 20, 2020 - Sandy McIntyre, Capital Market Strategist (retired), on his macro outlook, conservative portfolio positioning to take advantage of crisis and his transition into retirement.  Tim Hicks, Vice President, Canso, on generating income in low interest environment and the advantages of active management in the credit markets. 

June 13, 2020 - Ryan Wright, Custom Design Specialist/ Custom Audio Visual Sales, Bay Bloor Radio, on home entertainment systems during COVID-19 pandemic.  Ron Meisels, President, Phases and Cycles, on technical analysis of the market and where we are headed.

June 6, 2020 - Max Masucci, Senior Research Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on the biotech sector and life sciences based companies and how they are doing during this pandemic.  bjiCari Kozierok, Executive Director at Ve'ahavta, on homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic.


May 2020

May 31, 2020- Javed Mirza, Technical Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, with his optimistic view on the market.  Jaime Carrasco, Portfolio Manager, Canaccord Genuity, on gold and bitcoin.  Is gold a good buy as a stock or a metal bar?  Is bitcoin the future of currency?

May 23, 2020 - John Johnson, Chief Strategist, Davis-Rea Ltd., on the market and where it is heading in this pandemic environment. Justin Mastroangelo, Chartered Accountant, BDO Canada, on government  programs to provide financial assistance to Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 16, 2020 - Martin Roberge, Chieft North American strategist, Canaccord Genuity, on risk and reward in the market and how best to position your portfolio. David Milosevic, partner and fraud lawyer, Milosevic Fiske LLP,  on fraudsters preying on people during the pandemic and their fears during this time.

May 9, 2020 - Tony Dwyer, Chief Market Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, on the market and urging people to not be too negative.  Michael Cochrane, divorce and family lawyer at Brauti Thorning LLP on stress on families during the pandemic and how to deal with it.  

May 2, 2020- Chris Borkowski, real estate broker, Right At Home Realty, on tenants not being able to cover their rents, how if affects the condo market. Jed Dorsheimer, Managing Director, Sustainability Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on Tesla and their strong standing in the market. 


November 2019

November 30, 2019 - Peter Dyakowski, former CFL lineman and 'Canada's smartest person', on life and career after professional sports.  Mike Drak, writer and coach at Victory Lap Retirement on the key principles of transitioning into retirement.  Market update and commentary from Wolfgang and Jack. 

November 23, 2019 - Holly Thompson, Director of Public Relations at the Scott Mission on charitable giving and philanthropic responsibility as well as transition out of homelessness and the importance of social networks.  Jennifer Lynch, Will and Estate Lawyer at Robins Appleby on the importance of having a will and the duties and responsibilities of an executor.

November 16, 2019 - Celestine Caravaggio, award winning actress on juggling work, family and staying on financial schedule.  Jaime Carrasco, Investment Advisor, Canaccord Genuity, who loves gold and digs deep on what you need to know.  Kirsten Cooney, Fundraising Coordinator at Red Door Family Shelter on homelessness, abuse and what you can to do help in this season on giving.

November 9, 2019 - Som Seif, CEO Purpose Investments on Robo-Advisors and do-it-yourself investing.  Dan Mikulskis, partner, Lane, Clark and Peacock and author of Real Returns Blog on keeping clients away from money mistakes and fear-based financial decisions.

November 2, 2019 - Brad Lamb, Real Estate Broker and condominium developer at Brad Lamb Realty Inc. and Lamb Development Corp. on current state of condominium sales in Canada.  The reality facing millennials on how to afford a home.  Tony Dwyer, Chief Market Strategist at Canaccord Genuity on building wealth and interest rates as they affect real estate and the market.  

October 2019

October 26, 2019- Martin Katz, film producer and found of Prospero pictures on sleeping on the street for Covenant House and its importance for the kids who have no alternative but to sleep outside each night. He discusses his experiences making film with famous musicians and artists.  Evan Kubes, agent and lawyer at MKM Group, who represents those in the burgeoning and lucrative electronic sports industry.  

October 19, 2019 - Matt Bottomley, Analyst at Canaccord Genuity on the cannabis sector at the first anniversary of legalization in Canada. Is the sector still a good investment? Which companies could be a good investment? Michael Bellamy, Financial Planner, Canaccord Genuity, on the 10 surprising things financially successful people do differently.  

October 12, 2019 - Wolfgang and Jack discuss sticking with a wealth management plan throughout your life. Joseph Vafi, Analyst at Canaccord Genuity on financial technology on all electronic payment companies.  Which stocks are a good investment in his opinion.  Gordon Stein, Author of the Cash Flow Cookbook on where to make savings on everyday things that can amount to large savings each month.  

October 5, 2019 - Danny Timmins, National Cyber Security Leader and Partner, MNP, and fellow sleep out fundraiser for Covenant House, discusses his reasons for sleeping on the street as well as online security.  Kevin Muir, Strategist, East West Investment and author of the Macro Tourist, on the market. 


August 2019

August 31, 2019 - Jed Dorsheimer, Managing Director Sustainability Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on the evolution of transportation and the future of automobiles. Noah Solomon, President and Chief Investment Officer at Outcome Wealth Management on hedge funds. 


August 24, 2019 - Rubina Ahmed-Haq, a personal finance expert an business columnist, guest hosts with Jack Hardill.  Back to school expenses are discussed for both primary and post secondary students. Drew Donaldson, Managing Partner and Mortgage Broker at Safe Bridge Financial Group on mortgage rates and the many reasons low interest rates benefit consumers.  Rental property for students also discussed. Michael Cochrane, divorce and family lawyer at Brauti Thorning LLP on the cost of divorce and the financial impact on a family.


August 17, 2019 - Wolfgang discusses the four simple, but not easy, steps to becoming rich.  Kevin Muir, Strategist, East West Investment Management, Author of the Macro Tourist on soaring bond prices among negative interest rates.


August 10, 2019 - Michael Bellamy, Financial Planner, Canaccord Genuity Wealth & Estate Planning Services on how to minimize the tax implications for the family cottage through proper succession planning. Jamie Carracso, Investment Advisor, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, on gold breaking out.


August 3, 2019 - Mark McEwan, Chef/Proprietor of Bymark, One, Fabbrica, Diwan and McEwan Foods. Author of Great Food at Home and Rustic Italian. Head Judge on Top Chef Canada,​​​​​ on the business of food in Toronto.  Lance Colson, is the Executive Vice President of the National Apartment / Investment Properties Group Team on real estate in Toronto and Vancouver for buyers and renters.

June 2019

June 29, 2019 - John Johnston, Chief Strategist at Davis-Rea Ltd. on leading and lagging indicators on the economy.  Ryan Martin, Founder of MindCycle, a platform for mental health advocacy and fundraising.  Martin discusses his personal struggles with mental illness and his bicycle trip across Canada to raise awareness and money for the cause. 

June 22, 2019 - Brad Lamb, Real Estate Broker and Condominium Developer at Brad Lamb Realty Inc. and Lamb Development Corp. on how he made it in real estate and how he believes anyone else can do it and be successful like him.  Is it harder for young people  today to get into the real estate market? Michael Graham, Senior Managing Director and Analyst at Canaccord Genuity on Libra, Facebook's digital currency and how it differs from other crypto currencies. 

June 15, 2019 - Gord Nelson, Chief Financial Officer, Cineplex Entertainment on how the movie theatre is still a popular entertainment option and how Cineplex keeps itself relevant in spite of competition from home based entertainment.  Wolfgang and Jack discuss the newly married financial checklist and what millennials need to do grow their wealth. 

June 8, 2019 - Robert Heffel, President of Heffel Fine Art Auction House on art as an investment.  Is Canadian art a good buy?  Michael Bellamy, Wealth and Estate Planning Specialist, Canaccord Genuity, on how to prepare as you near retirement and what you will need when you retire. 

June 1, 2019 - Jennifer Stevenson, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager, Dynamic Funds, on the current state of the energy sector in Canada.  Bashir Munye, Chef, leading the kitchen for the Cirque du Soleil VIP Experience in Toronto, teacher at George Brown College discusses food and why Canadians don't eat enough good food.  

May 2019

May 25, 2019 - Rubina Ahmed-Haq, freelance personal finance journalist on retirement planning and retirement spending.  Peter Senst, President Canadian Capital Markets at CBRE on the situation in real estate in Toronto, across Canada and internationally.  

May 18, 2019 - Marc Goldfried, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Fixed Income at Canoe Financial on fixed income.  Keith Strata, Owner, Kinmount Movie Theatre, on running a unique business in cottage country Ontario.  Jay Mortimer, Mortimer's Point Marina, Muskoka, Ontario on the cost of cottage dock build and repair after spring floods. Special guest, James Hardill joins Jack and Wolfgang for the show. 

May 11, 2019 - David Morgan Smith, Lawyer and Partner at Hull & Hull LLP, an estate litigation firm, on how to properly plan your will and ensure your wishes can be effectively carried out.  Family trusts are discussed.  Don Leslie, Chief Financial Officers, A&W Restaurants on the continued success of the Canadian restaurant chain largely due to their innovations in the fast food industry. 

May 4, 2019 - Rubina Ahmed-Haq, freelance personal finance journalist cohosts the show with Jack Hardill. Amos Nadler, Behavioural Finance Professor at Western University on how people deal with money windfalls like lotteries and tax refunds and why people do not save enough money.  How are men and women different in how they save money? Jennifer Lynch, Will and Estate Lawyer at Robins Appleby on why holographic wills are not the most effective means of a last will.  What happens if you do not have a will and how to choose an executor for your will; responsibilities of an executor. 

February 2019

February 23, 2019 - Don Vialoux author of StockTwits @equityclock on the forecast for 2019 and which markets look promising and why.  Jed Dorsheimer, Industrial Analyst at Canaccord Genuity on electric cars and the changeover from internal combustible engine to battery energy for vehicles.


February 16,2019-Holly Thompson, Director, Public Relations and Development at The Scott Mission on homelessness and charity in Toronto.  How the average Canadian can help those less fortunate and benefit themselves.  Andrew Clark, CEO of Park Lawn Corporation on the funeral business.  Is investing in the end of life industry a good idea? Wolfgang and Jack discuss bumps in the road of investing and managing the expectations of investors.  What the average investor in the market should understand about investing in the short term and long term and how hiccups in the market may be a good opportunity for investors to evaluate their comfort with risk. 


February 9, 2019-Jamie Carrasco, Investment Advisor, Canaccord Genuity, a self described contrarian investor on fear assets and hedging against debt in the market and gold; Amos Nadler, Behavioural Finance Professor at the University of Western Ontario on the psychology of why investors sell and buy  at the wrong time.  How does too much information confuse investors?; Brad Lamb, Owner of Brad Lamb Realty Inc. on the cost of real estate in Toronto and where he sees it going. 


February 2, 2019-Mark Feigenbaum, Partner/Lawyer at Feigenbaum Law on the importance of tax preparation for business owners, or those self employed, on tax obligations, especially if born in the United States and living elsewhere;  Martin Roberge, North American Portfolio Strategy at Canaccord Genuity on the dip in the market last December and looking forward in 2019.; Dr. Lise Janelle, Human Potential Expert and Elite Mindset Coach on how physical health  benefits mental health and sharpness for managing your life and your wealth. 

November 2018

November 24, 2018-Julanne Steele, Founder, Beachhead, board member at Covenant house, co-hosts the show and discusses charitable giving.  How much do Canadians give to charity and is it enough? Matthew Rosenblatt, executive director of the Toronto Christmas Market in the historic distillery district.  Rob Mc Ewen, Chief owner and Chairman of McEwen Mining, founder of Goldcorp on exploration and development in gold mining and giving back.  Gord Nelson, CFO of Cineplex on innovations such as  home delivery of popcorn and the Rec Room and how their organization contributes to charity. 

November 17, 2018 -Michael Graham, Technology Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, covers FANG stocks.  Are they  losing their bite? Alfred Iannerelli, General Manager and Creative Director of the 114th Toronto Santa Claus Parade, the longest running and biggest parade of its kind in the world.  Kevin Muir, Strategist, East West Financial and author of the Macro Tourist on stocks and bonds; when one goes up, the other goes down, or do they?  Also, tips on retirement planning and savings and natural gas prices. 

November 10, 2018-Bruce Rivers, Executive Director of Covenant House in Toronto on the immense task of helping homeless youth in the city and the funds raised by the Executive Sleep Out, which Wolfgang is participating  in this year.  Steven Beal on sleeping on the street as a homeless youth  in Las Vegas, Nevada and now a Covenant House Supporter.  Find out who gives the most and the least to charity in Canada.  

November 3, 2018-Neil Pasricha, Director, Institute for Global Happiness, leadership keynote speaker and bestselling author on realizing happiness even in a tough market. Joseph M. Farrell, Head of Research, Velocity Trade Capital on the state of the market after a poor October.

October 2018

October 27, 2018-Brian Reynolds, Asset Class Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, on the credit market and how it is an indicator in the recent market downturn.  Don Leslie, CFO/Investor Relations at A&W discusses product development including the popular beyond meant burger and franchise placement.  Kevin Muir, Market Strategist, East West Investment Management on advice to millennials for investing and where the market goes from here.  

October 20, 2018-Eric Zaunscherb, Metals and Mining Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on precious metals and the demand for minerals to produce batteries for electric vehicles and the costs involved.  Alex Rea, Vice President of Homegrown Hydroponics Inc. and co-founder of Phytomedical Cannabis Consulting on how legalization of cannabis is affecting people growing their own cannabis; what kind of savings they can realize and what is involved.  Bruce Linton, Chairman and CEO  of Canopy Growth on cannabis legalization now that it has happened.  Will the illegal market survive now that the product is legal? 

October 13, 2018-Tony Dwyer, Chief Market Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, on the current state of the market.  Are we near the bottom?  Wilmont George Jr., Vice President, Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning at CI Investments on living longer; will your assets last as long as your life? How to plan and alter your investments for retirement years.  Chris Seip, Chairman and CEO at Payfare on how his service makes instant payment to contract workers and employees in the gig economy.  Maria Ripps, Principal and Senior Research Analyst, Internet Sector, Canaccord Genuity, on royalties in the music business and changes in recent years affecting the music industry.  

October 6, 2018-Jean Sebastien Lavallee, Chairman and CEO Critical Elements, Quebec based lithium producer on the growing need for lithium due, in part, to electric cars.  How his company is working towards production in 2020.  Jodi Goodfellow, Founder of Start Up Fashion Week in Toronto and Montreal discusses evolving design, technology and branding in Canadian fashion.  Rafi Tahmazian, Portfolio Manager and Director at Canoe Energy on the status of Canada's oil patch.  

September 2018

September 29, 2018-Michael Graham, Managing Director and Senior Equity Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on crypto currency; bitcoin and blockchain.  What is the future looking like for these? Demi Chalkias, a female semi-professional race car driver.  Her experience in carving out a career in a male dominated field and how she makes a living doing it.  Rachel Whynot, Owner Founder Freedom,, business coach for women on millenials and investments; where do they focus on putting their money? 

September 22, 2018-Rachel Whynot, Owner, Founder Freedom ,, business coach for women helping your entrepreneurs build their wealth with feel good lifestyle practices to avoid the pitfalls of stress while building their businesses.  Camilo Lyon, US Retail Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on Nike's resurgence with controversial television advertisement.  Canada Goose and Lululemon discussed.  Are they still on trend? Bruce Linton, Chairman and CEO of Canopy Growth.  Should those who own cannabis stocks in Canada be nervous when trying to cross the US border? Cannabis products for pain, women and couples in the bedroom and pets;  what are they and are they effective? 

September 15, 2018-Dr. Frank Santaguida, Vice President, Exploration - First Cobalt on mining cobalt, used for batteries in everything from mobile phones to electric cars.  Scott Barney, former teammate of HiFi Radio cohost, Jack Hardill, retired Professional Hockey Player and current Assistant Coach of the Humboldt Broncos on recovering after the tragedy that devastated the team and the economic importance of hockey to small town Canada.  Matt Bottomley, Healthcare Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on moving towards legalization of cannabis in Canada and our country's role in this market globally. 

September 8, 2018-Jennifer Lynch, Estate Lawyer, Dale and Lessmann LLP on wills and finances.  Is making accounts joint prior to death a good strategy to avoid probate fees?  How can RRSPs be left in a will effectively? Why you should review and/or update your will every few years.  Jed Dorsheimer, Sustainability - Energy and Power Technologies Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on all things Tesla; innovations and Elon Musk.  Aleem Kanji, Lobbyist and Vice President of Government Relations, Sutherland Corporation Ltd., on lobbying and navigating the bureaucracy of muti-levels of government on behalf of clients. 


August 2018

August 25, 2018- Amos Nadler, Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Western Ontario, on his course which covers behavioral finance.  Derek Dley, Consumer Products Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on millennial consumer trends.  Michael Graham, Technology, Media and Telecom Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on blockchain and crypto assets and which companies are investing here. How is Facebook doing in light of recent challenges to the company. 

August 18, 2018 - Doug Grieve, Portfolio Manager with Slater Asset Management Lysander Funds, on preferred shares, what they are and how they can benefit your portfolio.    Mark Noble, Senior Vice President  at Horizons ETFs on investing in artificial intelligence.   Dr. Clifford Redford, Veterinarian, Wellington Veterinary Hospital, on the cost of having a pet.  

August 11, 2018 - Guest host, Fred Farncomb, Investment Advisor, Canaccord Genuity.  Robert Jukes, Global Strategist, Canaccord Genuity on Brexit and market cycles.  Find out where he thinks the market will go moving forward.  Howard Lichtman, Spokesperson, Taste of the Danforth, on the neighbourhood's annual event supporting their local businesses, especially after a tragedy on the Danforth in Toronto. 


August 4, 2018 - Jeff Blanco, Head of Foreign Exchange, Canaccord Genuity, on the Canadian dollar and what is going on in international currency.  What does a weak  Loonie mean to the average Canadian.  Ron Meisels, founder of Phases and Cycles on what he thinks is the best tools for targeting stocks.  FANG stocks discussed.  Don Leslie, CFO, and Tom Newitt, Head of Marketing for A&W Canada, on why they have switched to French's ketchup and their position on using only steroid and hormone free beef. 


July 2018


July 28, 2018 - Keith Stata, owner, Highlands Cinema, Kinmount, Ontario on running an independent cinema and the changes in the entertainment industry challenging small theatre owners.  Tony Dwyer, Chief Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, on the current state of the market and why it's a good time to buy.  Also, machine versus human trading, Trump and trade and find out what Tony says is the key to the universe on trading and what three sectors you want to be in.  Simon Akit, Global Head of Energy Sector, Canaccord Genuity, on Colombian oil and Suncor. 


July 21, 2018 - Joseph Farrell, Head of Research, Velocity Trade Capital, on oil, our Loonie, agriculture and which market he thinks could go up 40% in the coming months.  Brad Lamb, President of Brad Lamb Realty, on the cost of steel for builders with the Trump trade war; urban change in Canada affecting construction and home prices.  Chris Watson, owner and Katie Wikowski, wedding planner at Belcroft Estate and Event Centre on the planning and the cost of a wedding in Canada.


July 14, 2018 - Joseph Farrell, Head of Research, Velocity Trade Capital, on global equity market and the mood right now and where he sees it going in the next 18-24 months.  Bob Campbell, Sales and Marketing, Walker's Point Marina, Muskoka, Ontario on buying and selling recreational marine craft and tariffs being slapped on US made boats. Rob Young, Tech, Media and Telecom Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on Shopify, what it is and how it is doing in the market. Also discussed, on line gaming stocks. 


July 7, 2018 - Kevin Muir, Market Strategist, East West Investment Management and author of The Macro Tourist Letter on Canadian banks versus US banks. Find out which has been a better investment up to now and which may be better moving forward.  Brian Reynolds, Asset Class Specialist, Canaccord Genuity, on investing in the equity market now, is it a good idea?  What balance in cash, stocks and bonds should an investor look to have in their portfolio? Rafi Tahmazian, Senior Portfolio Manager at Canoe Financial on the oil sector including Suncor and investment in Canada's oil patch. How is government policy affecting investment? 


June 2018


June 30, 2018 - Greg Schnell, Senior Technical Analyst, CMT, MFTA at Inc., with his thoughts on a weakening of the market.  He explains why he is a little bit concerned about the current situation.  Michael Lavigne, Portfolio Manager for Fiera Capital's Systematic Investment Strategies (SIS) on why he does not see bonds as a safe haven if stocks fall.  He explains how hedge funds work and why he feels they are a good addition to any portfolio.  Chip Moore, Sustainability and Industrial Technology Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on water focused stocks, Xylem and Ecolab.  


June 23, 2018 - Scott Chan, Bank Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on how Canadian banks continue to succeed and which bank is his favourite as an investment.  Tony Dwyer, Chief Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, find out why he was recently labelled 'the biggest bull on Wall Street'.  His thoughts on Trump and trade from south of the border.  Nick Boynton, former NHL All Star and Stanley Cup Champion opens up about his struggle playing hockey in the NHL including the physical punishment and pressure to perform while injured.  Also discussed, concussions, and the debilitating affect they have on players including depression and suicide.  


June 16, 2018 - Martin Roberge, North American Portfolio Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, with his take on market cycles; where we are and where we are going.  Should you keep your investments in Canadian stocks?  Mike Graham, Technology, Media, Telecom and Internet Analyst, Canaccord Genuity with his thoughts on the hot stocks of Amazon, Facebook and Nextflix.  David Addison, Executive Director of Toronto City Mission, the oldest and longest running mission in the city. If you have some money available, funding is always appreciated, needed and put to good use. 


June 9, 2018 - Mike Walkley, Technology, Media and Telecom analyst, Canaccord Genuity on all things Apple:  stock value, iphone cameras and watches discussed.  Bruce Linton, CEO and Co-founder of Canopy Growth on the road toward cannabis legalization and what products his company will likely initially produce.  What role will the government play and why.  Which companies are a good investment with so many start ups in the sector.  Brad Lamb, President of Brad Lamb Realty, on the red tape of zoning and dealing with city hall when building a new development.  Why some developers never get off the ground, leaving builders and buyers frustrated. 


June 2, 2018 - Don Vialoux - Author of StockTwits, @EquityClock on the seasonality of investing wealth.  Should you sell in May and go away?  Gordon Stein – Author of The Cash Flow Cookbook on how to grow your wealth by finding savings in your day to day expenses that you may not consider to be costing you very much.  Listen to find out how much money you could save by following his ‘recipe’ for savings.  It’s tasty!  Brad Lamb – President of Brad Lamb Realty on how this successful real estate developer uses his business acumen to diversify into other areas such as acquisition of precious gems.


May 2018


May 26, 2018 - Steven Bookman, Barrister and Solicitor, Steven Bookman Family Law, discusses family law and trusts.  Can a judge dissolve a trust on the request of a beneficiary? How to protect your family cottage and business for future generations.  John Johnston, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategist at Davis Rea with his take on global markets, asset classes and where we are at in the business cycle.  Blake Frazer, Vice President and General Manager, Kawartha Dairy based in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. How a small family business survived 75 years and thrives.  How they brand their product. 


May 19, 2018 - HiFi Radio pre-empted by wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


May 12. 2018 - Alanna Harvey, CMO at Flipd Inc., an app/tool  that allows users to lock out of distracting apps while they attempt to focus on other important tasks.  How being too digitally connected can affect day to day interactions and productivity, is discussed.  Dominic Treglia, Sommelier, Terroni's Restaurant, on wine as an investment.  Which type of wine is best for this and how long you can expect to keep it for a profit.  Linda Torry, University of Toronto, Business Development and Sales, Initiative for Women in Business and Bonnie Kim, Financial Services Representative, CIBC, on women/mothers reentering the work force after a prolonged absence; women gaining confidence and learning to market themselves.


May 5, 2018- Kevin Muir,and Tony Greer, co-founders of, a website devoted to stories and anecdotes from traders.  Kent Moore, Ph.D Professor, Atmoshperic Physicist, University of Toronto on the benefits of being 'green' in business. Can profit and a 'green' mindset coexist? Jeffrey and Brandon Skurka, owner of Classica Imports onmen dressing for success in the workplace.  What would a young man entering the corporate world expect to spend on a good suit? 


April 2018

April 28, 2018- Raj Lala, Evolve ETF,  highlights his ETFs in the automotive sector, cannibis, block charin and gender diverstiy.  Joe Farrell of Velocity Capital on what indicators to look for regarding corrections in a bull market.  The cyclical nature of commodities and which ones he likes.  Simon Akit, Global head of Energy Sector, Canaccord Genuity discusses the ongoing issues around the Trans Mountain Pipeline and how to make money in the energy sector. 


April 21, 2018 - Michael Bellamy, Financial planner, Canaccord Genuity revisits how much money the average Canadian requires to retire. Is a plan of turning your home into income in your retirement a good strategy?  Brian Reynolds, Asset Allocation Strategist, Canaccord Genuity, on indications and signs that signal a financial crisis.  Where is common sense and discipline vital to investors?  Camillo Lyon, Retail Analyst, Canaccord Genuity, on where retail is heading.  How are millenials changing the retail landscape and experiential retail. 


April 14, 2018 - Michael Hainsworth, journalist and broadcaster, formerly of BNN, shares his thoughts on business news media and where he thinks it is headed.  Rafi Tahmazian, Portfolio Manager at Canoe Financial on the Trans Mountain pipeline and the government possibly having to buy it, how does this play out for future foreign investment? Current situation in the oil sector and is the pipeline a good idea in spite of opposition to it? Martin Roberge, North American Portfolio Strategist Canaccord Genuity, answers the question, are we in a bear market?; increasing debt levels in Canadian companies and who holds the economic swagger in the US, Trump or the central bank? 


April 7, 2018-  Mark Feigenbaum, entertainment lawyer and accountant on the complexities of cross border employment and business.  What you should know if you were born in the US but lived most of your life here.  Tom Shaw, owner of Shaw’s Catering and Maple Syrup and Jim Hardill, Jack’s dad and cottage maple syrup producer on maple syrup production in Canada. There is a cartel involved and it is not related to the oil cartel, although maple syrup is worth more per litre than oil. Mike Graham, Managing Director and Senior Analyst at Canaccord Genuity on data usage by social media sites such as facebook.  How do they use your data and how will possible future regulations affect the social media outlets?


March 2018


March 31, 2018 - Tony Dwyer, Chief Market Strategist at Canaccord Genuity on the current state of the market and what fear prompts investors to do.  Find out where he sees bonds and equities heading and he answers the question of recession, are we headed there soon? Simon Akit, Managing Director, Global Head of Insitutional Energy Sales, Canaccord Genuity on oil. How will more money put into oil developement play out globally? The intricacies of the development of Canadian crude and the issue of shipping, pipelines and trains. Richard Davis, Director, Software Tech Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on why he feels the sector is strong in spite of concerns around data breaches reported in social media.  Is Salesforce a good buy?  Find out where he sees good value in the software sector.  


March 24, 2018 - Don Vialoux, Author of StockTwits, @EquityClock on the seasonality of the market over the course of the year, especially in gasoline.  How trade wars are affecting trading and what is going on with the bond market.  Mike Moffatt, Assistant Professor in the Business, Economic and Public Policy group at Ivey/Director of Policy and Research at Canada 2020 talks Trump trade war with China and trade wars in general, does anyone win them? Brab Lamb, President of Brad Lamb Realty in Toronto on why people want to live in Canada and where he is developing now.  Building in Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa, how do they differ?


March 17, 2018 - Javed Mirza, Technical Analyst, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management.  Markets should continue to go higher? Why?  Where should Canadians be weighted, in equities or commodities?  For St. Patrick's Day, Roger Mittag, owner of Thirst for Knowedge Inc., Prud'homme Beer Certification and beer industry consultant/educator on the evolution of the beer industry in recent years.  Will legalization of marijuana affect the beer industry? Find out why non-alcoholic beer will become a top seller.  Kevin Muir, Strategist, East West Investment Management and author of The Macro Tourist explains trading on volatility and theVIX.  His thoughts on grain commodities like wheat, rice and soybeans.  What does he think about the optimisim of the US market? 

March 10, 2018 - David Tulk, Institutional Portfolio Manager with Fidelity Investments on the 9 year extended bull market and how long it may continue. Asset classes, cash, bonds and stocks; where should your portfolio be weighted for the short term and if considering retirement.  Dan Daviau, CEO of Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management on the difference between banks and Canaccord Genuity on business support and start ups.  Also, how Canaccord Genuity supports making money in Canada in the oil business, mining, marijuana and the health sector.  Emerging technologies such as blockchain and currency exchange and how they may affect traditional credit and money transfers.  Bruce Linton, CEO Canopy Growth on the international growth of marijuana sales and how Canada is a global leader on medical marijuana regulatory framework. Future branding of marijuana products and how alcohol products may be affected by consumers having choice.  

March 3, 2018- Michael Simpson, CI sentry Portfolio Manager on Trump and tariffs and how this may affect mutual funds.  Will international buyers take tariffs sitting down? Aravinda Galappatthige, Canaccorc Genuity Media Analyst on radio stocks and how they've held their own over many decades.  How are cinema/movie stocks faring after last summer's disappointing box office?  Which telecom stocks are showing growth and why is publishing in Canada under pressure? Robert Jukes, London based Canaccord Genuity Global Strategist, Wealth Management, on Trump tariffs and trade and how it will affect Canada.  What kind of market are we in with the recent downturn, will the bull market continue? Why is Ireland holding up Brexit and why are head offices leaving London?  Will London remain a vibrant marketplace? 

February 2018
February 24, 2018 - Don Vialoux, Market Analyst and author of StockTwits, @EquityClock on the seasonality of commodities, especially oil and gas.  He answers whether you should invest in Canadian or US oil.  Scott Chan, Financials Analyst with Canaccord Genuity on Canadian banks raising their dividends and CIBC's venture into the US market.  Find out which Canadian bank is his favourite.  Tim Hicks, Portfolio Manager at Canso on the bond market.  Why he likes Bombardier.  How to make money in the bond market and why we should own bonds. 

February 17, 2018 - Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist at CIBC World Markets on the recent downturn – it’s a blip and bull market will continue.  Also, his thoughts on inflation, growth, earnings and interest rates in coming months.  Saving money for your family on Family Day weekend!  Justin Mastrangelo and Courtney Gilmet of BDO Canada on saving more of your money by avoiding tax via prescribed rate loans and family trusts and the potential changes to capital gains rates in the upcoming federal budget. Artificial intelligence for child protection.  Lloyd Richardson, Canadian Centre of Child Protection on Arachnid, a web crawler developed to find child sexual abuse on line in an effort to find perpetrators and protect our kids.  

February 10, 2018 - Ken Herbert, Industrial Sector Analyst, Canaccord Genuity on aerospace and defense sectors.  Do defense stocks fare well due to US spending in the sector? Which ones look good right now for buying and the cycle investment horizon for this area. Tony Dwyer, Chief Strategist, Canaccord Genuity on the recent market correction which, according to him is “natural, normal and healthy until you get one”.  Where will the market go from here? Niels and Evan Christensen of the Christensen Real Estate Group in Toronto on the real estate market, from urban condos and suburban bungalows.  Has recent government legislation had an effect on the market, if so, will it last. 

February 3, 2018 - Andrew Morganti, Lawyer, represents investors on class action law suits by shareholders.  Is it worth your time and effort to try and collect money on these?  Michael Graham, Technical Analyst with Canaccord Genuity on Amazon and crypto currency.  Rafi Tahmazian, Canoe Financial, on selling Canadian gas and oil and the critical importance of pipelines.  
January 2018
January 27, 2018 - Don Vialoux,  Market Analyst with clock.  Don discusses the Loonie, the U.S dollar and the oil sector in Canada and the U.S.  Jeffry Skurka, President of Classica Imports in Toronto on the business of men's fashion.  What a man should spend on suit, sourcing for retailers and current trends.  Brian Reynolds, Asset Class Strategist at Canaccord Genuity on the U.S. credit boom and which way  stocks are heading in this bull market.   
January 20, 2018- Matt Bottomley, Research Analyst at Canaccord Genuity on legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada and the suppliers and producers in the product.  Will their be enough supply by summer 2018? How big is the market in Canada and abroad.  Jeff Blanco, Head of Foreign Exchange at Canaccord Genuity, on the Loonie, the US dollar and where it is going to go this year.  Also, what is going on with the Yen and other currencies.  Mike Walkley,  Technology Analyst at Canaccord Genuity,  on Apple and iphone X and Blackberry and driverless cars. 
January 13, 2018 - Ron Meisels, Analyst with Phases and Cycles and Joe Farrell Quaqntitative and Technical Analyst with Velocity Capital, both discuss Canadian and global  quantitative strategic outlook on where the markets are heading in 2018 and where Canadians should invest their dollars. Simon Akit, Global Head of Energy Sales for Canaccord Genuity 
January 6, 2018- John Johnston, Chief Strategist with Davis Rea gives a a global perspective on what to expect in the market for 2018.  Michael Bellamy, Financial Planner, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, on retiring in 2018 and how to plan for it by practicing it.  What expenses you need to consider keeping in your retirement and what expenses you can delete - what is your financial 'diet'? Trends in estate planning.  Brad Lamb, Real Estate Developer, on the future of real estate in Toronto and how building constraints by the city and the province will lead real estate prices to skyrocket. 
December 2017
December 30, 2017 - Macro Tourist author, Kevin Muir,  on 2017 and what it was good for, and which kind of investor did well.  Mania of blockchain and when and where will the next crash begin? Drew Donaldson Managing Partner and Chief Sales Officer with  Safebridge Financial Group on big changes in qualifying for a mortgage come January 2018.  What will this mean to potential home buyers and the housing market.  Michael Cochrane, Partner with BTZ LLP regarding the statistical increase in divorce in the month of January. What you can do to ensure that your divorce is handled well.  
December 23, 2107-Mac Young, former organizer of toy drive on charitable giving.  Bruce Linton, Canopy Growth on working towards legalized recreational cannabis use.  Tony Dwyer, U.S. based Chief Market Strategist, Canaccord Genuity wraps up 2017 and looks ahead to the market in 2018. 
December 16,  2017 -  Justin Mastrangelo and Courtney Gilmet of BDO on tax changes that will affect Canadians with professional corporations regarding income splitting; charitable giving providing a tax credit.  Bruce Linton, founder of Canopy Growth on the burgeoning business of cannabis as we move toward legalization.  Amos Nadler, Professor of Behavioural Finance, expands further on a discussion started in last week's show discussing what makes people make poor decisions when investing; gender differences in decision making; fear and greed. 
December 9, 2017 - Ross Healey, Strategist with Strategies Analysis Corporation, who focuses on do it yourself investors,  on earnings forecasts, are they manipulated?  Banks as investments, Europe vs the United States. Bitcoin and borrowing against it.  Cat Williams, model and entrepreneur creating her own career via social media. How she used education and experience in the entertainment industry to create a following on Instagram and make money doing it.  Amos Nadler, Professor in Behavioural Finance on how people act on investing. Are the cosmos easier to predict in 100 years than the price of a stock next week? Gender differences in investing – testosterone vs estrogen.  
December 2, 2017 - Niels Christensen of the Christensen Real Estate Group on real estate in Toronto and its transition. Michael Graham, Canaccord Genuity Analyst on FANG stocks - Facebook, Apple Netflix and Google and crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.  Rob Young, Canaccord Genuity Tech Analyst further discusses crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin and Etherium.  


November 2017

November 25, 2017 – Thomas Goggins, Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Manulife Asset Management on investing in bonds and where he sees value internationally. A convertible is not a car, find out what it means.  Robert Jukes, International Strategist Canaccord Genuity in London, England on the global stock and bond markets.  How is Canada faring in comparison?   Will there be a Santa Claus rally or will it be “bah humbug”?  Sarah Scott, Lawyer in Los Angeles, California on drafting contracts in the entertainment industry; code of conduct clauses and costs to business associated with this. 
November 18, 2017 - Jules Clyde, President and Founder of BeachHead Professional Recruiting Services, on charity and Covenant House's Sleep Out to raise money and awareness of homeless youth.  Toronto raised more money than any other North American Covenant House for the event.  Rafi Tahmazian, Energy Portfolio Manager Canoe Financial on investing in energy and emerging rally in the sector.  Tony Dwyer, Chief Strategist with Canaccord Genuity on North American bull market – when to get in and buy, when is a pause or correction due and by how much.  
November 11, 2017 – Remembrance Day, The Macro Tourist blogger, Kevin Muir, on uranium and how it is traded; Canadian millennials vs their American counterparts, who is better off?  Also, FANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) vs value.  Mike Walkley, Canaccord Genuity Tech Analsyt on Apple and chip makers Broadcom and Qualcomm and the new iphone X.  Joseph Galli, Chairman of Pentor Finance, on private equity.  
November 4, 2017 - Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist with CIBC World Markets on the current state of the markets, what’s hot and what’s not. Richard Remillard of the Private Capital Marketing Association on crowdfunding; what it is and how you may do it to raise money for any endeavor you undertake. Camilo Lyon, Retail Analyst at Canaccord Genuity on  fashion retailing and how it’s all about product innovation to grab market share and what Amazon is doing to affect it. 
October 2017
October 28, 2017 - Javed Mirza, Canaccord Genuity’s Technical Analyst on the bull market we are in and how long it will run. Justin Mastrangelo and Courtney Gilmet of BDO Canada on how small business owners can start preparing before impending tax changes  are imposed by the federal government in 2018  that could seriously affect their investment.  Kent Moore, Physicist and Professor at the University of Toronto on how the state of our changing global environment can and should affect where we invest our money.  
October 21, 2017 -Real estate brokers Brad Lamb and Jake Child on real estate in the GTA and borrowing money for it. Tommy Turner, trader  with ENJ Securities on the New York Stock Exchange on riding the bull market.Michael Bellamy of Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management on how much you need when you retire.Tribute to the late great Gord Downie, playing the Tragically Hip throughout. 
October 14, 2017 -  Brian Reynolds, Asset Class Strategist, Canaccord Genuity on the growth of shadow banking. Matt Ramsay, Tech, Media and Telecom Analyst with Canaccord Genuity on artificial intelligence and innovations around driverless cars. Joey Vendetta, Head of Industry Relations at Live Nation on the evolution of concert productions in the music industry.  
October 7, 2017 -Stuart Raftus, President of Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management on how independent, bespoke investment firms differ from big banks and how artificial intelligence is becoming more of a factor in investing.  Mike Iozzi of Illustro Trading at the New York Stock Exchange on how trading has changed in recent years.  Justin Mastrangelo and Courtney Gilmet of BDO discusses taxation with Dave and DJ Lazy Ray, entrepreneurs and small business owners. 
September 2017
September 30th, 2017 -Simon Akit, Global Head of Energy Sales for Canaccord Genuity on technology in oil production and the interesting importance of sand; Dvai Ghose, Global Head of Equity Research and Head of Strategic Development on television broadcasting, namely Netflix, and Canadian content; Michael Quach, Senior Analyst with Canaccord Genuity in London England with a global perspective on market analysis; Ron Meisels of Phases and Cycles market analysis on bull markets, a US dollar correction, the fear of October and the current wave the market is in.  
September 23, 2017 -  Employment lawyer and mediator, Kumail Karimjee of Karimjee Greene and Karimjee Resolutions Inc., on what to do if you are let go from your job or given a package.  Also, what to do when you are hired to ensure you know the terms of your employment and arranging the best terms for yourself.  Simon Marcotte, Vice President of Corporate Development at Mason Graphite on the innovation of graphite in the storage of power and the development of batteries for electric cars.  Macro Tourist, Kevin Muir, on blockchain, US dollar, Euro, Loonie among other topics. 
September 16, 2017 - Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist at CIBC World Markets on the rise of the Loonie, interest rates and broad economic growth and Canada. Don Allan, Director, Producer and Founder of Revolver Films on TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival, and its significance to the city as well as the business of TV and film production in Toronto.  Ted Garrard, CEO of the Sick Kids Foundation on the impact of giving and the importance of the upcoming Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure Walk to raise funds for the hospital. Matt Bottomley, Canaccord Genuity Analyst on the business of legalizing marijuana in Canada.  Among topics discussed, distribution and taxation.   
September 9, 2017-Martin Roberge, Canaccord Genuity’s North American Strategist on the recent flight of the Loonie and his sector allocations and targets for the TSX into the end of the year. Jeff Blanco, Canaccord Genuity’s Head of Foreign Exchange, also on the Loonie, giving us a trader’s perspective on the rapid ascent of the Canadian bird.  Susan Ross, Former Vice President and General Manager at Corus Entertainment, and now educator at Ryerson University, talks about women in broadcasting and the future and opportunity’s available to young media graduates. Susan shares how students are doing a few things differently these days to get ahead. Sarah Scott, Entertainment Lawyer from LaPolt Law, Los Angeles.  Sarah helps a large number of globally recognized celebrities and artists, such as Steven Tyler, navigate the demanding entertainment industry.  She provides great advice for budding artists looking to make a name for themselves.  
September 2, 2017 -The business of hockey with NHL All-Star and Stanley Cup Champion, Nick Boynton, on his experience in the NHL, life after hockey and financial advice for the stars of tomorrow.  Jason Child, Vice-President of Land Services at CBRE,  Raw land has the unique features of low maintenance costs, capital expenditure and depreciation. Jason offers some insightful views and expertise on investing in land. Bruce Linton, Co-Founder and CEO of Canopy Growth on the opportunities and challenges of running Canada’s largest Cannabis L.P. The cost of post-seconday education. Our summer student, Ansel Gravelle, on saving for and the cost of post-secondary education. 
August 2017
August 26, 2017 - Mike Walkley, Technology Analyst at Canaccord Genuity on the 10th anniversary of the iphone and his expectations for the iphone 8 and why he remains constructive on Apple.  Canaccord Genuity’s Chief Market Strategist Tony Dwyer on his road map for the market and why he remains fundamentally bullish. Lastly, Doug Grieve, President at Slater Asset Management and Preferred Share Portfolio Manager.  Preferred shares offer a tax efficient way to generate yield in this low interest rate environment.  Being complex instruments that are often misunderstood, Doug walked us through the basics, discussing how he evaluates this asset class and his investment process.    
August 19, 2017 - Brian Reynolds, Canaccord Genuity’s very own Asset Class Strategist on American pension funds and why they matter. Also discussed, Amazon Inc., and the massive debt issuance that the company has established. Robert Jukes, Canaccord’s Global Strategist, touching base from London, England on the current equity market and whether or not he thinks it is overvalued. The lion of the Real Estate world, Frank Leo, who dominate the Toronto housing market. Frank’s success comes from his marketing efforts as he has established a powerful personal brand that sets him apart from other Toronto brokers. 
August 12, 2017 - Justin Mastrangelo and Courtney Gilmet, from BDO Canada  discuss potential changes regarding the corporate tax legislation and how it could impact small business owners.Debbie Landers, Vice-President at IBM Cognitive & Industry Solutions on artificial intelligence and machine learning through IBM’s Watson. Michael Quatch Canaccord Genuity Analyst from London England discusses the fire and fury between North Korea and Donald Trump. How does Trump’s rhetoric impact the market?
August 5, 2017 - Susan Senecal, COO at A&W Food Services of Canada on the future of A&W, and how they continue to serve the Canadian market, without the use of hormones or steroids. Rafi Tahmazian from Canoe Financial discusses the energy sector, and the ballooning innovations regarding energy storage. Could a giant balloon be the future of the energy world? CEO and founder of iFinance Canada, Ann Kaplan on how she created a multi-million dollar company from scratch, that offers Canadians instant access to consumer loans, for a wide spectrum of needs. She finished her interview by providing us with some motivational wisdom for young female entrepreneurs, looking to turn their ideas into reality.
July 2017
July 29, 2017 - Brian Reynolds, Canaccord’s  Asset Class Strategist discusses why the equity bull market has 3 to 5 years to run.  Brooke Thackray, author and ETF strategist with Horizon’s  tells us how his ETF HAC-T, a seasonal ETF, is positioned right here right now.Rachel Bowman, Founder of IRIS BLU, a PR and Promotional company.  Rachel is a highly successful woman entrepreneur and she is under 30. 
July 22, 2017 - IBM’s Manav Gupta, Distinguished Engineer and CTO of Cloud discusses the latest in technology, blockchain and leading innovation at IBM. Kevin Muir, Trader and Author of the Macro Tourist on  his experience trading Bitcoin. His commentary is complemented by Manav’s and his experience with Blockchain. Our summer intern, Ansel Gravelle, adds some interesting crypto commentary. In addition, Kevin gives us an interesting opinion on the Canadian housing market and his unique perspective on its correlation to the Loonie. And finally, an appearance from another member of the Wolfpack. assistant Samantha Kim, joins us to provide her unique experience of working in her family business and travelling to North Korea.  
July 15, 2017 - Michael Bellamy, financial planner,  co-hosts as we discuss all things tech with Rob Young of Canaccord Genuity.  Also from Canaccord Genuity, David Galison on  pipelines and utilities.  Another interesting and fun interview with Ron Meisels, technical analyst on market phases and cycles.
July 8, 2017 -  Derek Dley, Canaccord Genuity Retail and Consumer Analyst to discuss the ever changing landscape of retail with the looming threat of Amazon. Michael Quach, Canaccord Genuity Senior Research Analyst joined us from London, England to chat with us about global growth, the Chinese economy and how it impacts our Canadian economy.Melanie Dekker, a dynamic singer/songwriter/performer from Vancouver spoke with us about the challenges of being an independent artist.Mortgage rates rose this week. Drew Donaldson, Managing Partner of Safebridge Financial Group gave us his insight and perspective on Canadian lending with mortgage rates on the rise.
July 1, 2017 - Happy Canada Day! Fred Vettese, Chief Actuary from Morneau Shepell on managing longevity risk (outliving your money) and important facts about the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Also the pure math behind receiving CPP early at age 60 versus  65 to age 70. Our Financial Planner, Mike Bellamy also joined us for this segment to provide his practical experience and expertise on pensions. Jeff Blanco, Canaccord Genuity Head of Currency, Foreign Exchange and Treasury, on the recent strength in the Loonie and his future outlook. Building on the popularity of last week’s money and music theme, former music executive and entrepreneur Lindsay Gillespie on the music industry and the vinyl renaissance. 
June 2017
June 24, 2017 - Change in the music business is the theme. Jeremy Summers, formerly of A&M records, now with FOX TV in Los Angeles, Jeremy heads up the music arm of FOX TV.  Michael Graham, Canaccord Genuity analyst  joins us covering Pandora Media, Apple, Amazon and of course Netflix.  DJ Lazy Ray, musicologist and in house DJ at Terroni's in Toronto will  join Jack and I throughout the show. 
June 17, 2017-Kyle Rose, Biomedical Device and Services analyst with Canaccord Genuity.  Tony Dwyer, Canaccord Genuity strategist on what drives stocks higher.  Rick Davis our software analyst on valuation and why you have to view growth tech names differently.  Jeff Blanco our head of currency shares some insight into what has been providing some lift for the loonie this week.  
June 10, 2017 -Kevin Muir, author of The Macro Tourist and John Johnston, Chief Strategist at Davis Rea, in a roundtable discussion throughout the show. Manulife fixed income portfolio manager Tom Goggins on opportunities and challenges of managing fixed income in a low interest rate environment.  Canaccord’s Genuity Financial Planner, Mike Bellamy, on the three most common mistakes in financial planning.  Yuri Lynk, of Canaccord Genuity on how the government spends your hard earned tax dollars and investment opportunities in Canadian infrastructure sector.   John Johnston on global markets and the loonie.   Rafi Tahmazian, Energy Portfolio Manager with Canoe Financial, on the state of the energy markets and the changing landscape in Western Canada.  Jason Mills, Canaccord Genuity’s Med-Tech analyst, on technology to help us live longer and healthier lives.  
June 3, 2017 -  Kevin Muir, writer of The Macro Tourist on hisexperience of trading Bitcoin and views of other crypto currencies.  Will and Estate planning Lawyer, Jennifer Lynch from Dale & Lessmann, LLP on the importance of a sound and current Will.  Terry Thib, North American Portfolio Manager for IA Clarington.  
May 2017
May 27, 2017 - North American strategist, Canaccord Genuity Martin Roberge on Canadian investments; Michael Bellamy of Canaccord Genuity provides a follow up for a savings plan for our resident milennial, Alley Adams, also of Canaccord Genuity; Doug Taylor, analyst at Canaccord Genuity tells us why Warren Buffett is liking airline stocks now; another installment of Elliott wave theory. 
May 20, 2017 - Brad Lamb on real estate in Toronto; charitable giving options discussion with Covenant House; helping millenials plan their financial future with Canaccord Genuity Financial Planner Michael Bellamy and Canaccord Genuity Marketing Manger, Alley Adams; Market cycles and phases with technical analyst Ron Meisels.
May 13, 2017 - Mother's Day edition.Jeff Blanco, Canaccord head of currency; Matt Ramsey, Canaccord Tech Analyst; Jenny Ma, Canaccord REIT analyst;Melissa Sariffodeen, co-founder and CEO, Ladies Learning Code; Tracey Bochner, co-founder and president Paradigm Public Relations; Sandra Longo, founder, Navy Street Charity for Persons with Disabilities.
May 6, 2017 - Matt Wood of Vertex Value Fund;Mark Goldfried, Canoe Financial on bonds; Condo Chris Borkowski on condos in Toronto; Warren McCain, CA, on US citizens in Cananda and the IRS; David Tulk, Fidelity Investments, on value in the marketplace.
April 2017
April 29, 2017 - Brexit and Frexit;  Apple; gold; finances and divorce, what to do and when; market strategy. 
April 22, 2017 - Earth day talk on sustainable energy;  A look at "bubbles";  FANG stocks; Challenges to investment in Canadian oil:  Real estate developer Brad Lamb.  
April 15, 2017 - Tax avoidance with tax lawyer; Marijuana stocks and the business of medical cannibas;  Wall street update with Canaccord Genuity chief strategist, Tony Dwyer.  


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