Listen to HiFi Radio, Saturdays at 7am-8am

I am delighted to host my very own weekly radio show, HiFi Radio Saturdays from 7-8am.This show has been 15 years in the making and is a fantastic forum to learn, educate and entertain as I interview very interesting guests, some of the smartest minds I know on Bay Street and Wall Street. We discuss stocks, bonds, hedge funds, industry sectors, company specifics and of course the madness of crowds. My objective is to rock the dial and get the show moved into prime time. I do promise you will learn something and get a better understanding of our process in strategic investment decision making.

To listen live in the Greater Toronto area, go to 640 on your AM dial, or listen live via the internet by clicking here.  But if you like to sleep in on the weekends, no worries.  The show will be available for podcast immediately after it airs.  

HiFi Radio podcasts, April 2017 to present.  Click below.